SIMA sushi is the result of two individuals, a lovely couple, who decided to pursue their passions and share their talents with the Kingston community. Focused on the simple foundations of quality ingredients, exciting dishes, and fair prices, SIMA began to offer an assortment of sushi, sashimi, rolls and cooked Japanese dishes out of their cozy downtown Kingston location.

Many years in, with a dedicated kitchen and wait-staff,  the couple continue their art, serving consistently tasty dishes to newcomers and regulars alike. If you enjoy fresh and uncompromising Japanese seafood, we encourage you to join us for a meal someday.

Over the years many patrons have kindly summarized their experiences with SIMA. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for publicly complimenting our efforts and dedication to uncompromising quality and share them with the world.

What People Are Saying about SIMA Sushi

With a wealth of consistent regulars, we’re always delighted to learn about why they decide to come back time after time. Sometimes you can tell with their smile at the end of the meal, or a satisfied grin as they head out the door. Occasionally, local media does a review or conducts a survey such as the below from The Queen’s University Journal:

Sima Sushi, on Princess St., was voted as the number one favourite sushi place in Kingston. If you’re going to splurge on a sushi feast, it’s worth it to check out Sima…

…or a patron shares their thoughts virtually:

Sima is the best. Easily the best. Great sushi. Great people. Daniel and June are fantastic. I can’t believe how often I come here… (agluttoninkingston)

And sometimes, they get a little bit more technical:

It was delicious! The salmon actually tasted like salmon, and the cucumbers balanced well with the tempura crisps, the spicy mayo, and the fish. While eating this, I came to the realization that this was my favourite version of the spicy salmon/tuna maki because it wasn’t rolled inside out (rice on the outside). The rice acts like a buffer between the flavourful filling and the texturally different nori… (teafortwo)

Thank you for your honest feedback and constant encouragement over the years.